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Tecneeq's Randomly verified A/UX-Linklist is dedicated to all A/UX-Fans and my Quadra :). Report new or broken links via Email.

WTF is A/UX?

Apple came out with their own version of UNIX, called A/UX, in 1988. A/UX was their POSIX compliant system based on AT&T UNIX System V (various releases) and BSD4.2/4.3, with a lot features: STREAMS, TCP/IP, FFS, job control, NFS, YP, SCCS, enhanced printing, MacX X Window System and compatibility with SYSV/BSD/MacOS7 to name just a few. A/UX was a full featured UNIX System plus the best from MacOS7, it could run severel Macintosh applications and the usual UNIX stuff. The last version of A/UX, 3.1.1, was released in 1995. Many people think today A/UX is some kind of predecessor to MacOSX, but this is not true. There is little to none code in MacOSX that came from A/UX.

I have compiled a list with links to A/UX related sites. Some are good, some better, but all are worth a click. If you have found a website that is not listed here, send me a mail.

Report new or broken links via Email.

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